Bib Necklaces in Technicolor

I am currently o.b.s.e.s.s.i.n.g. over bright bib necklaces! As some of you may have seen in my recent posts, I just purchased #3, the DANNIJO Medine, and adore it. I have my eye on #1, another DANNIJO piece. I love this piece because it is kind of morbid with the skulls, but still so cute and sweet with the bright colors.

I love bib necklaces for Spring because you can pair them with white tees, soft pastels, or bright solid color shift dresses. I am obsessed with DANNIJO for the highest quality statement pieces. I recently noticed Holst + Lee on Shopbop, and am eager to get my hands on one of their pieces as well. Holst + Lee has some super bright and unique jewelry that really struck my eye. This brand is very unique and has a “African Queen” vibe to their necklaces, very tribal and vibrant. The 7 pieces above are just a few of many fabulous bib necklaces available right now. Pick yours out to be on point for Spring! Not really in to investing in “trendy” pieces? #4 is a Forever 21 piece which is only 9 bucks! You can have a trend and not break the bank with this one 🙂 Just pair it with a a white tee and colored jeans and you’ll be ready to go!

From top left to bottom right: the DANNIJO Drew Bib Necklace, Holst + Lee Collar with Stones, DANNIJO Medine Bib Necklace (similar), Forever 21 Neon Bib Necklace, Holst + Lee Double Tiered Necklace, DANNIJO Hixson Necklace, and Venessa Arizaga Salty Lime Necklace.

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