Boston Strong

boston-strong As I type this blog post, I am at 30,000 feet flying home from a trip to Boston.  I couldn’t write about anything else today besides my trip because being in the city really put things in to perspective. It’s not that I didn’t realize the events that happened last week were utterly horrible, but talking to people who experienced the terror, driving past the finish line site, and being near the hospital that the younger bomber was in really shook my core.  I talked to a couple people who had friends that were injured or knew friends of friends that were injured and there is not any other way to describe it than horrible. Being in the city and watching the local news, I saw people that were interviewed both on & off the national news, and their positivity was amazing. People who had traumatic things happen to them were talking about looking at the positive side of the side of things: having their life, having their family, and not looking at the negative: what occured to them. It really made me take a step back and feel bad about how I can dwell on such little things some days and I haven’t been able to get these people out of my head. I found that the outlook of these people & the city of Boston was amazing.  It was a tragic incident, but overall people were very positive & uplifting and it shows that Boston truly has a powerful spirit…and truly is “Boston Strong”.

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