Breast Cancer Awareness

You may be thinking to yourself, “October was Breast Cancer Awareness month…” by reading this post. This is true, however, my grandmother passed away due to Breast Cancer two Novembers ago, and today I was thinking of her and missing her. Today also made me think how Breast Cancer Awareness is something that should be practiced year round, and not just one month out of the year. Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of death among women, so I would imagine that many people reading this post have experienced Breast Cancer first hand – whether you are a survivor, or have a loved one who has faced the disease. Below are many products that donate to breast cancer research and finding a cure (or some are just pink to show support for the cause).  

Support finding a cure by doing something as small as purchasing an item that donates to research or donate to one of these organizations: Susan G. Komen, National Breast Cancer Foundation or The American Cancer Society. Remember to wear pink (year-round) in support  of the many men and women fighting breast cancer and in remembrance of those we’ve lost. 

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