Cake Cake Cake

7-layer-chocolate-cake Growing up, I constantly looked forward to my grandmother’s infamous 7 layer chocolate cake. I’m not normally a baker, but I wanted to try making this cake over the weekend. My grandmother’s recipe is at my parent’s house, and I could not get to it this weekend. Since I was anxious to make this type of cake, I opted for this recipe from another Savannah native, Paula Deen! And I must say that it I was impressed with myself for being able to make this – I definitely need to work on my icing skills, though!

Now that I am enjoying baking, and am also in a new kitchen I am trying to fill out,  I have been drooling over a lot of cookware / bakeware / all of the above. See some favorites on my kitchen wish list below:

yellow-cake-batter cake-pans chocolate-icing cuisinart-blender layer-cake 7-layer-cake



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