Coffee Table Musings

Hermes-Tray Coffee Table: Worlds Away // Hermes Tray: Elizabeth Ford // Coasters: Jonathan Adler
Small Books: Coco Chanel and Paris Street Style
Coffee Table Books: American Fashion Designers at Home // Things We Love //Allure of Men
Candle: Jonathan Adler // Rug: One Kings Lane // Chairs: One Kings Lane

Now that I am finally settling in to a new place, I am starting to get down to details. Starting with my coffee table. When I was a little girl, I loved flipping through pages of big coffee table books that my mom had on our coffee table, and I still do today. A well kept coffee table is very inviting for guests and sets the space – I just feel better with mine organized. The main thing I love about styling a coffee table is that you can give it a different look every couple of months by swapping out a book, adding a candle, or putting out some flowers. What makes my coffee table special to me is that every single item on it was a gift – the tray is from my mom, this coffee table book from my cousin, this book from grandma, a candle and coasters (and actually this book too!) from Amelia, and this book from a dear sorority sister. I just love being reminded of all these great peeps every time I sit in my living room! That is also why all of these things make such sentimental gifts. See some of my favorite items to put on a coffee table below.

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Do you have a favorite coffee table book?

coffee-table-books coffee-table3 coffe-table2 worlds-away-coffee-table coffee-table-birdseye Photos via Izzy Hudgins

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