Friday Feature: Colour-Bloc

Meet my bestie and childhood friend, Amelia Eichholz of Colour-Bloc! I have always admired Amelia’s sense of style and great taste of all things related to Art + Fashion. She recently launched Colour-Bloc to show off her love for Art + Design. Check out her site and see our Q+A sesh below:

Q: Favorite Summer Trend:
A: I’m currently wearing anything and everything J.Crew! Whether that’s a pair of colored denim + a neon skinny belt + a classic white button down or a striped dress + a jeweled statement necklace + bright flats. Jenna Lyons (J. Crew’s brilliant creative director) is definitely blowing me away these days!

Q: Trend you could live without? 
A: I try not to discriminate against any trends (even tried a peplum top!), but these are a few pieces you won’t see in my closet … tea length dresses, overly flared jeans, midriff tops.

Q: What is your Fall must-have?: 
A: I think prints are going to be big for Fall 2012, I find myself pinning a lot of polka dot sweaters, cheetah print scarves, and of course neutral layers!

Q: What’s your go-to look?:
A: I’ve been sporting a more nautical look these days, which includes a striped Saint James tee + a pair of white denim shorts + vintage sunnies + gladiators.

Q: What artist are you currently coveting?:
A: I’m obsessing over Jenna Pirello’s work, but I’m coveting any installation created by Confetti System, I’m loving the metallic fringes and neon tassels.

Q: What are you craving for the home?:
A: Well, I moved in with my boyfriend pretty recently so I’ve been interested in juxtaposing masculine and female touches. I’m looking forward to finishing up our bar area in the next few weeks. We are using layers of cocktail books as shelves + adding vintage glass barware to create a Mad Men-esque feel.

Q: What is your fav vacay spot?:
A: Hands down Kennebunk, Maine! I was introduced to this lovely getaway last summer and immediately fell in love. From the farm to table restaurants (Earth is a favorite!) to the little boutiques and art galleries, it’s such a relaxing place to visit. Kennebunk will definitely be a place I return to each year.

Q: Favorite Blogger Style:
A: That’s a tough one! I like Erika’s (Small Shop Studio) sophisticated taste + Erin’s (Elements of Style) love of bold patterns + Mackenzie’s (Design Darling) infatuation with classic pieces.

Q: Drink of Choice?:
A: Prosecco is definitely my go-to wine, although I’ve made a pretty mean blueberry lemon fizz cocktail these days courtesy of Camille Styles.

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  1. I am following both sites everyday and I am so inspired by the determination and drive that you both have for blogging. Look forward to many more wonderful posts.

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