Garden & Gun Korean Ribs

korean-ribs After a fabulous birthday weekend spent in Bluffton, SC, I retired home wanted to spend some time in the A/C eating some comfort food on Labor Day. My boyfriend and I are big fans of Asian-fusion, and after he sent me this recipe last week, I knew I had to give it a stab (literally). I always love to cook, but have been even more excited about it recently because someone gave me these amazing Shun Knives for my birthday. Now I feel so official – my old knives were kind of sad and getting dull. This Shun Knife above literally cut through the slab of ribs like butter. These ribs were slightly spicy, sweet, and delicious. I used pork baby back ribs – but would like to try a beef rib next time. To find the ingredients, I went to a local Korean market to get the Korean Red Chili Flakes and the Gochujang paste. I discovered Gochujang is essentially chili paste. But, I did some research online and saw that Annie Chun brand makes a Gochujang sauce, and Food52 has these Korean BBQ sauces – I think I would like to try one of these as well next time. If you like Korean flavors and ribs, I definitely recommend this recipe served with a side of sticky rice and asian salad. We didn’t take an “after” picture because they were just too good to not dig in 🙂


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