I love Balenciaga bags like this one to the left above (1), but let’s be real, they are super expensive and an ultimate splurge. On the right above (2) is a Thursday Friday bag which has a Balenciaga printed on it, and is super cute! I love Thursday Friday bags for Spring because they are light weight and perfect for a day at the beach, pool, or just errands. View this Thursday Friday bag on the right above (2). Here is the same Thursday Friday bag in a larger size, which is ideal for a towel at the beach, etc.

When I was Christmas shopping in NYC, I saw a lady in Barney’s with a Thursday Friday Birkin Bag in Red, and thought it was so adorable. Also, view a Thursday Friday bag that looks like a black Chanel here. Pair these bags with jeans and a tee for a laid-back chic look. See below for details to picture above:

  1. Splurge: Balenciaga Arena City Bag
  2. Steal: Thursday Friday Tote
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