Memories from LA

beverly-hills-hotel beverly-hills-hotel-lobby Happy Tuesday! I thought I’d share a few of my favorite photos from LA. It’s funny when you’re traveling and you think you take a lot of pictures, but you really don’t.  This was kind of my experience this weekend, but I guess I’d rather be caught  in the actual moment then snapping pictures away. Anyways, here are some of my favorite pictures.. I loved everything about the Beverly Hills Hotel – the flowers, the wallpaper, the packaging, etc. Speaking of flowers, I am so jealous of the LA climate & the abundance of flowers and flower markets. We stumbled upon a flower market (with topiaries as well) and my mom & I were in heaven – my dad literally had to start walking away to get us out. I think I could totally live in LA, can’t you tell by the pics? Oh, and my new favorite drink is a mojito with muddled strawberries…doesn’t the one below look delicious? Is it bad I’m already ready for the weekend? XO, Stefanie
beverly-hills-hotel-packaging beverly-hills-hotel-coffee bevhills-strawberry-mojitos flowe-market LA-hydrangeas elephant-topiaries animal-topiaries LA-palm-trees

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2 thoughts on “Memories from LA

  1. Wonderful photos!! I think this is the best way to know you are having a good time…when you forget to take photos! or intagram your every second of your vacation. It’s a good thing!! I love LA…I have only been once but can’t wait to go back. The food, the weather the vibe…is perfect!

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