Papillote on Broughton Street

Late last week, I went to lunch at one of my favorite spots in Savannah: Papillote. All of their food is freshly made and tastes like it is straight out of Paris. I love their breads, cheeses, wines, and sandwiches. If you need something quick but don’t want to sacrifice quality, Papillote is the place to go.

My delicious Shrimp & Proscuitto Salad. The shrimp are grilled and tasty, and are combined with shaved parmesan, arugula, cherry tomatoes and artichoke hearts – yum!!

Cheese plate… oops had to take a bite first.

Loaded baguette: turkey, cheese, lettuce tomato, bacon and aioli sauce on a home made baguette. This is the perfect lunch on the go because it is pre-made and ready to grab on the run.

“The Chic Chicken” Salad: Grilled Chicken, Polenta, Roasted Red Peppers, Cheese, Arugula, & Cherry Tomatoes.

Crab & Mango Tartine (this one was ordered without the mango) – but still equally as delicious and look at that presentation!

I recommend Papillote to anyone in the downtown area who wants to grab a quick lunch or dinner to go…. or dine in for a wonderful french cafe experience. I can’t get enough of Papillote…delish!

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