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Last weekend, I made a trip up to Chicago with my family and boyfriend for the Braves vs Cubs game. My father is a longtime Atlanta Braves fan, so with everyone’s schedules free, we knew we had to make the Braves at Wrigley a must this year. On top of the baseball game, this was a must anticipated trip for me because Chicago is one major US city that I had never visited before! While I was definitely excited for the game – my number one priority in any new city is usually trying delicious restaurants. One of my SMU friends (and a chi-city native) told me that her absolute favorite spot for Asian Fusion in Chicago was a restaurant called Sunda. Sold. Asian fusion is my favorite – and I knew this would resonate well my parents and BF as well. I scored a reservation and we headed almost straight to Sunda after getting in to town. With a great ambiance and oh-so-polite waiter, we order the Peared Sake and took nearly 15 minutes just to pick out appetizers. The menu at Sunda was seriously extensive – almost a little overwhelming (see here). But, we dove in to a culinary journey with some great beginning choices.
CrabCrustedAhi-Sunda {Crab Encrusted Ahi Sashimi}
Our appetizers to start included the Seared Crab Crusted Ahi Tuna Sashimi (featured in Marie Claire Magazine here), Sunda’s Yellowtail Jalapeno, Sunda Steamed Duck Buns, and Tempura Tiger Shrimp. Wow. The duck buns were my absolute favorite – I don’t think my boyfriend and I have stopped talking about them.
YellowtailJalapeno-Sunda {Yellowtail Jalapeno}
sunda-chicago-duckbuns {Sunda Steamed Duck Buns // Image via Dessert Spot}
Sunda-rockshrimp {Tempura Tiger Shrimp + Peared Sake}
sunda-chicago-pork-belly noodles {Pancit Canton Noodles // Image via Dessert Spot}
For dinner we ordered the Pancit Canton noodles, Red Dragon Roll, Sunda Rainbow Roll, and a taste of the Unagi/Foie. After our appetizers, we were nearly stuffed and not sure how we could finish all this – but, we surprisingly ate every bite.
We were thoroughly impressed with not only the cuisine, but how helpful and friendly our waiter was. After visiting many Nobu Restaurants, Blue Ribbon Sushi restaurants, etc., across the country, I would definitely put Sunda as the best asian fusion I have ever eaten. So, if you are planning on being in the Chicago area, Sunda is a must stop!

XX, Stefanie 

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