Teysha Trunkshow

insta-teysha I recently discovered the brand Teysha because a highschool friend is very involved with the brand – the slipper silhouettes & neon patterns had me at hello. Last night, I attended the Teysha Trunkshow at Trunk 13 in Savannah. Teysha is a brand of shoes that are 100% handmade in Panama & Colombia. The mission of Teysha is to alleviate poverty in these communities which they are made by providing jobs and supporting the local economies (read more about the brand here).  This trunkshow was a wonderful event supporting an amazingly unique brand with a great mission. I loved perusing the shoes (the slippers were my personal fave) and was amazed at how no one pair is a like. I love finding an awesome product that not only looks great, but gives back. You should definitely browse some Teysha kicks if you are drawn to unique prints and patterns, and also want to give back to the less fortunate of our world!

Check out these awesome Kuna Kicks here.
teysha-2 teysha-slipper teysha

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