The Jeans of the Moment…DL1961

My obsession of the moment is DL1961 Jeans. I love these jeans, and can honestly say that it will be hard to go back to wearing other brands of jeans. What is so great about DL1961 is that they have a 4-way-stretch, which makes them feel so comfortable. Amazingly, these jeans feel very loose but look snug & normal due to their stretch capabilities. See some of my favorite pairs of DL1961 right now:

1. DL1961 Mint Ankle Jeans ( I have these & a white pair as well – both from Bleu Belle Savannah) 2. DL1961 White Bootcut Jeans
3. DL1961 Legging Jeans 4.  DL1961 Sherbet Ankle Jeans
 {not pictured}
5. DL 1961 Polka Dot Jeans   

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