Weekend Recap

athens-weekend I normally do not post about football, or sports, but my weekend was full of football and fun. Thursday, my dad and I went up to Atlanta for work and then drove over to Athens, Georgia, for the UGA vs LSU game. Thursday night I visited The Ivy in Buckhead and had so much fun running in to old friends from both high school and college. It is a pretty happening spot! For all you “Georgia” peeps, I got my dad the cutest shirt! And he loved it. If you have a dad/boyfriend/husband that likes anything Georgia, one of these tees is a great $20 investment, haha (photo via @goldengardner instagram)! Another highlight to our Atlanta trip was getting in the elevator with Snoop Dogg at the Ritz Buckhead. My dad and I both had major instagram regret for not asking Snoop for a pic. Oh well, next time I guess… We finished the day in Atlanta shopping at Lenox and having lunch at Neiman Marcus .. made me really miss the Dallas days were Neiman Marcus is King. When we got to Athens, we had the most delicious meal at The National. Literally. So. Good. Saturday was fun of course because the dawgs won, and now here I am on a Monday.. getting back to the grind! How was your weekend?

PS,  Congrats to Andria Trivisono for winning the Marquin Designs iPhone cover! Look out for an email from me! XX, Stefanie

{UGA vs. LSU photo via}

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

  1. My favorite part of the weekend on Sunday when you gave me a surprise of the #4 slipper shoes on your previous post! Perfection for me, A plus for you!

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